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BUT WORDS SELL!I weave the right words into compelling propositions on websites, in advertising, and marketing. If you need a professional copywriter to create a persuasive campaign or rescue an underperforming websiteget in touch now to see how I can help.

Emotional intent + meaningful words = trust, authority, impact, sales.
If you need your personality to shine and make a meaningful connection in a website, advertisement or marketing program I can
• deliver engaging content for landing pages that people will TRUST,• craft engaging blog posts to position you as an AUTHORITY,• sharpen your value proposition for greater IMPACT,• give you a unique voice in a crowded market, and• deliver words that SELL to give you a rapid return on your investment.

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Flawless, persuasive copywriting for websites, advertising and marketing.

Over 20-years copywriting experience across multiple sectors. Fully accredited.

Effective writing in the correct tone of voice, focussed on your audience.


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AdWords (PPC)
Banner ads
DR n
ewspaper and magazine ads
Social media ads
LinkedIn ads


Brochures and catalogues
Direct mail
Presentations, pitches
Social media content


Banner copy, slogans
Blog articles, white papers
Content pages
Landing pages
News and press releases
Squeeze pages

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I need copy that sells!

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