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The stuff you'd like to know

I’ve always loved words. English is the main subject I excelled at during my school years.

I studied poetry, books and listened intently to great music lyrics. I loved how the words flowed, the way passages of text sort of sucked you along on a journey.

It’s no surprise I’ve spent so much time in roles where persuasive writing makes a difference. I’ve worked in advertising agencies, award-winning web agencies and large businesses (as a consultant).

Marketing has evolved over the years, it’s now more personal. People see right through B.S. and have far less time on their hands to get to the right decision.

So I’ve evolved my writing style to capture the essence of a story while retaining a genuine sense of transparency and relatability.

I also love all things digital, especially UX design.

Big ideas are my thing (and small ones), so if you are short on ideas, we’ll probably make a good match.

I also know how to work with business owners, marketing teams, planners, salespeople, designers and project managers as an asset.

Give me a buzz or drop me an email and let’s talk: 44 07702 102030 or ku.oc.noisausreptnega%40nella.lihp

18 other random things about me

1. I loathe the terms ‘exceeding expectations’, ‘without compromise’, ‘world-class’, ‘best-of-breed’, and ‘your businesses-our passion’. FFS.

2. I’m addicted to technology.

3. There’s nothing wrong with being obsessive about detail unless it turns into procrastination.

4. I ran Saturday league football teams for 10 years to get wayward lads off the street and teach them the value of teamwork.

5. I’m passionate about unsigned music. I wish it were easier for talented artists to make it.

6. Greatest sporting inspiration: Lewis Hamilton — his focus, drive and determination to be the best is unparalleled.

7. My dog’s name is ‘Stokesy’ — as in stoked, wired and buzzin’. Stokesy is a Springer Spaniel that loves pheasants, chasing deer and paddleboarding.

8. Favourite football team: West Bromwich Albion, ‘The Baggies’. I was born in Smethwick, half-a-mile from the Hawthorns, although my parents bought me south at a young age because they liked the sea.

9. Accomplishments at school: crap at science, but I flew through English and Art.

10. Favourite TV chef: Giorgio Locatelli.

11. I really need a holiday, but I’m always too busy.

12. David Lynch’s ‘Wild at Heart’ is my favourite film. Although who doesn’t like a bit of ‘Tarantino’?

13. The most prolific songwriter of all time: There’s only one Nobel prize winner. Actually, there’s an
article in my blog about this guy.

14. Music: Anyone who pays attention to the craft. Anyone who influences popular culture. Nobody that sings “I wanna feel your body next to mine” or any other form of meaningless tosh.

15. Best food: Italian

16. Best cars: Italian

17. Best women: Italian?

18. A waiter in a pizzeria once told me I was descended from the Romans because of the shape of my nose — but I think he was just hedging for a bigger tip.

My assurance

Agent Persuasion is deliberately lean — it's me. The advantage is you get an experienced copywriter at a competitive rate and my assurance that nothing is passed on to a junior or subcontracted offshore.

I work fast and strive to hit the deadline. Good copy is irrelevant if it’s late.

Making the point

You won't find me writing with flakey superlatives, corporate waffle or stating the bleeding obvious. These things might be good for the ego, but they don't sell products or services.

So I write with the minimum amount of the right words needed to get the job done. And if long-copy is needed, I make sure the relevant cues are in the right place.

How I work

Let’s have a chat and see if my style is right for you.
If you think there’s a fit, send me a brief. There's a guide to writing a copywriting brief in the blog if you need it.
I’ll study the brief and provide a fixed-fee quote with a firm delivery date and hopefully earn the chance to work with you soon afterwards.
Sometimes I’m asked to create copy from scratch; occasionally I review existing work and provide suggestions to make the text more effective. I’m comfortable with either approach.
I can write about most things: businesses, products, services and people.
And SEO copywriting is a particular forte.
If you're interested in the benefits of working with a freelancer, get in touch to see how I can help.


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