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I’m a freelance copywriter with 20-years experience delivering copy that sells — for websites, advertising, and marketing.
If you need more people to understand how you are different, I can help.
Businesses often know what they want to say, but the words just don’t look right when they end up written down.
It’s all ends up a bit 'vanilla'; a little plain.
And the problem with vanilla is it's always missing something important.
Like a big sprinkle of something tasty. You know, the kind of stuff that makes you want to dive in and ignore everything else on offer.
Whatever business you're in, I can adapt my style to suit. I’ve helped sole traders, LLP's and companies sell everything from financial planning to tech, music, software, lean manufacturing, and SAAS more effectively — I've even helped a chain of Barbershops be hip.
You get the two decades worth of knowledge gained proving what works — and because I'm a freelancer, my rates are surprisingly affordable.
I created ‘Agent Persuasion’ to personify the critical attributes of an effective copywriting process: investigation, analysis, and the persuasive outcome that defines great copy.

My approach

Making the point

You won't find me writing with flakey superlatives, corporate waffle or stating the bleeding obvious. These things might be good for the ego, but they don't sell products or services.
So I write with the minimum amount of the right words needed to get the job done. And if long copy is required, I make sure the cues are in the right place.

My assurance

Agent Persuasion is deliberately lean — it's me. The advantage is you get an experienced freelance copywriter at a competitive rate and my assurance that nothing is passed on to a junior or subcontracted offshore.
I work fast and strive to hit the deadline. Good copy is irrelevant if it’s late.

How I work

Let’s have a chat and see if my style is right for you.
If you think there’s a fit, send me a brief. There's a guide to writing a copywriting brief in the blog if you need it.
I’ll study the brief and provide a fixed-fee quote with a firm delivery date and hopefully earn the chance to work with you soon afterwards.
Sometimes I’m asked to create copy from scratch; occasionally I review existing work and provide suggestions to make the text more effective. I’m comfortable with either approach.
I can write about most things: businesses, products, services and people.
And SEO copywriting is a particular forte.
If you're interested in the benefits of working with a freelancer, get in touch to see how I can help.

Accreditations and Memberships

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I write copy for:

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AdWords (PPC)
Banner ads
DR n
ewspaper and magazine ads
Social media ads
LinkedIn ads

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Brochures and catalogues
Direct mail
Presentations, pitches
Social media content

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Banner copy, slogans
Blog articles, white papers
Content pages
Landing pages
News and press releases
Squeeze pages

I need copy that sells!

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