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If you'd like your personality to shine and make a meaningful connection in a website, advertisement or marketing program, I can

• deliver engaging content for website pages that people will TRUST,• craft engaging blog posts to position you as an AUTHORITY,• sharpen your value proposition for a more significant IMPACT,• give you a unique voice in a crowded market, and• deliver words that SELL to provide you with a rapid return on your investment.

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Generate trust — then you can sell

From Google search descriptions to the content on your landing pages, I’ll convert bland, woolly words into a razor-sharp value proposition and a compelling sales message.

And with a new-found trust in your business, you’ll see more click-thru’s from search, generate a greater number of leads, and enjoy far higher conversions.


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Fixed-price quotation

Rather than pricing by the word, I provide a fixed-price quote for every piece of work. Good copywriters often spend as much time crafting killer headlines and compelling value propositions as they do writing 500 words of body copy. So quoting by the word count becomes irrelevant.

I’ll give you a set price and a detailed breakdown of everything to expect so you know exactly where you stand.

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I need copywriting that sells!

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  • What is copywriting?

    Copywriting is the art of using words to compel people to take action.

    The priority is to grab the reader’s attention, then once hooked, draw them seamlessly through the rest of the piece to achieve the desired outcome.

    Sales copywriting is a creative discipline, aided by the use of psychological tactics that connect with people on an emotional level.

    Copywriting also dispenses with ineffective claims like “world-class” and “without compromise”. Compromise exists in everything, but copywriters know how to make it irrelevant.

  • What is copy editing?

    Copy editing involves making improvements to existing content as opposed to writing a piece from scratch.

    In my experience writing sales content, copy editing quickly descends into copywriting to get the best outcome.

  • What is a compelling value proposition?

    Ah, the compelling value proposition, a.k.a. the CVP, value proposition or elevator pitch is the most powerful passage of text you can own. Ideally, you want a CVP for your business and CVPs for each of your products and services.

    The CVP is your ultimate pitch and usually includes a unique delivery mechanism.

  • What is a unique delivery mechanism?

    The unique delivery mechanism is the way you deliver everything you promise. It has to be relevant, tangible and . . . unique! Otherwise, you are dressing up the same message as your competitors in a slightly different way. The unique delivery mechanism also protects you against new entries to the market, trying to steal your thunder.

  • Headline, tagline, or strapline?

    Headlines are specific to the central theme of a piece, designed to resonate on an emotional level.

    Headlines typically appear on web page banners, in value propositions, in brochures, advertisements or emails.

    Probably the most famous headline is David Ogilvy's 1960’s masterpiece, “At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.”

    Copywriters invest a great deal of time writing headlines, sometimes as much as it takes to write 500 words of body copy.

    A strapline is a long-term property, created to reflect the essence of a brand. Straplines are typically used in conjunction with corporate brands, but can also align with specific products.

    Apple’s “Think different”, Nike’s “Just do it” and Nokia’s “Connecting people” are examples of effective straplines.

    A tagline is the same as a strapline, but the term is used more in America.

    Slogans are often former straplines that become so popular; they end up used in the broader community. “It does exactly what it says on the tin” is an excellent example of a former strapline that broke through into the more general vernacular.

  • What is a Google marketing slap?

    A Google Marketing Slap is a user action, rather than anything that originates from Google. It happens when users land on a web page and don’t see anything unique. So they hit the browser back button or type in a new search.

    The Google Marketing slap is particularly relevant to website owners who focus on blog content over web page content. It doesn’t matter how authoritative a blog article is; you still need useful web pages to make the conversion

  • Will you write a free test piece?

    Unfortunately, no. There’s little point in trying to write a piece without a discovery exercise, and this isn’t feasible as a free exercise.

    feel free to request examples of my work.

  • How quick can you start?

    I can often start straight away because I try to keep a buffer in place to get out of the blocks quickly for a new client.
    But if I’ve hit a spike in work and I can’t start for a week or two, I’ll be honest with you, even if it might mean I lose your business.
    I’m good at managing pressure, but I don’t go looking for it.

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