Marketing Copywriter

Weaving words that motivate people to take action

It’s all about the hook, the middle and the twist

Ditch the blurb, create a story
Great stories have great outcomes — and every piece of marketing copy is a well-written story.

It starts with a hook, builds in the middle, and ends with a twist — something that provides added value that the reader didn't expect.

Sometimes short, sometimes long, well-written marketing copy shows audiences we care about what they want. And this can lead to exciting results.

Marketing copy helps us overcome the objections associated with traditional push advertising. It provides an opportunity to attract, engage and nurture customer relationships in deep and meaningful ways.

Show your audience you care
Your audience knows what’s important to them, and they want to see you know too. They’ll give you a chance to help, but only one.

Hire me to write your next piece of marketing copy, and I’ll make that one chance count.

I’ll recommend we leave out the stuff nobody cares about, and concentrate on writing better marketing copy than your competition.

The copy will be grammatically correct; written in the proper tone of voice; with all the punctuation in the right place.

Get in touch to discuss your next project — I write professional marketing copy for websites, brochures, POS, blog articles, corporate and personal BIO’s, press releases, newsletters, and much more.


01 Investigate

Let’s team up, get the facts straight and discover what makes your audience tick. Their needs, wants and motivations are important. I’m looking for stuff to help connect on an emotional level.

02 Analyse

I’ll analyse the information and highlight the shiny nuggets we can use to create a compelling hook. Then we’ll have a great framework for an engaging story.

03 Deliver

Marketing copy with a purpose: to motivate readers to take action. Written in the appropriate tone of voice and delivered in the correct format.

I need marketing copy that sells!

OK, I hear you! Get in touch to request a quote for copywriting with unlimited revisions >>

Other stuff

Web copy

I also write engaging, persuasive copy for:
Banner copy, slogans
Blog articles, white papers
Content pages
Landing pages
News and press releases
Squeeze pages
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Browse the copywriting portfolio and read about a few of the projects I’ve worked on.Or reach out directly if you’re looking for a specific reference.

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