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Because it's never just about the design

"Why should I trust you with my time and money?"

That’s the question every person who lands on your website asks.
If you have a compelling answer, you probably don’t need a copywriter. But if you’re in doubt, read on.
A lot of my experience comes from writing content for high-end websites delivered by agencies I’ve owned.
I don’t manage web builds anymore; I spend all my time writing great copy. But I know the difference between UX and BS and the knowledge is pretty valuable.
Here are a few things you need to know about website usage, written with the benefit of 20-years experience:
Contrary to what many clients believe, the customer journey doesn’t start on the home page; it begins with the text that appears in Google.
Ranking on Google is hard enough. But once there, each search results page has 20 businesses all fighting for attention from customers looking for the same thing. So the text that appears here needs to count.
Design wise, the world’s best performing websites use a handful of template designs, and the industry has evolved to cater for this.
On the one hand that’s great because now you can get a pro look and feel for a relatively low cost. But on the other side, everything’s starting to look similar, so content is more important than ever.
Distinctive branding has its value, but the fact is that 4 out of 5 people who land on a web page don’t read past the tagline on the main banner. If the information doesn’t make an instant connection, it only takes a single back-click to find another 19 Google listings that might.
This is why web copywriters spend more time crafting killer banner text and page headings than they do writing engaging body copy.
Why you shouldn’t use your brochure copy on a websiteBrochure copy builds to a conclusion — web copy starts with the outcome. People don’t read web pages; they scan them. So making sure the critical points stand out when people scan a web page is all part of useful website copywriting.
The best time to create web copyIt might seem logical to build a site and then add the text, but having the copy to hand before you start has many advantages.
It’s nigh-on impossible to sell products, services, knowledge or advocacy with images alone — you need compelling text. And if your swish new design can’t display the text in the places you need, you’ll be forced into compromises.
Having web copy on hand when you brief a designer can also help scope the project accurately. I’ve lost track of how many businesses I came across that put a brief out to five vendors and got five wildly differing prices back.
There’s way too much assumption made when designers pitch for web builds. Having the copy to hand removes ambiguity and helps trigger like-for-like quotes.
But if you’ve already built your site, I can still help write copy to fit the design. And if design tweaks might help, I can flag that up for you.
Writing for SEOI always include SEO when I write for the web. It’s just good housekeeping. You’ll get optimised content as standard, written for humans, not robots. Google loves that.


01 Investigate

Remember! — we’ve got to do it better than the 19 or 20 other companies that appear on page 1 of Google’s search results. So let’s investigate what makes your audience tick and how they use search to look for your products or services.

02 Analyse

We’ve found out what makes your audience tick, now let’s see how to make the copy stick — in a way that Google understands. Because Google reads web content like a human, and like a human, Google is easily offended.

03 Deliver

Punchy descriptions to light up your search results and conversion busting copy for the landing pages. And Google recognises changes to page content faster now so you could see positive results in 14-days or less!

I need website copywriting that sells!

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